Process of making Memorial Ware

Cremated Remains infused into a solid glass artwork ~ A lasting Memorial for your loved ones. Human or pets.







Each Memorial Ware™ glass sculpture is crafted by hand one at a time in our private studio in Akron, Ohio. The cremated remains are treated with the utmost respect and are always kept secure. Only a small amount of ash is needed to create a Memorial Ware™ glass sculpture. We can work with human or pet ashes. We have been making glass Memorial Ware™ since 1999. 

Placing an order & the creation process

When an order is placed, Memorial Ware ™ or your local funeral director will supply you with a trackable order kit. The kit includes a sterile screw capped container and a small scoop which is used to place the ash into the container. Each kit is assigned a unique tracking number. The unique tracking number insures absolute accuracy while the ash is at our facility. 

A Memorial Ware secure ordering kit.

Only one order is processed at a time in the studio to ensure respectful handling of your loved ones ashes. Your loved ones ash is encased inside of the glass sculpture and appears as a spiral shape within the Memorial Ware™. Once encapsulated in glass, the ash cannot be disturbed. Any remaining ash is returned to the client in the original provided screw cap shipping container along with the finished Memorial Ware™ glass sculpture. 

Glass artist Brian Graham making a three inch Round Reflections Memorial Ware sculpture.

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